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Our Love Story

We met on Facebook! When Sanja posted an advertisement looking for a new home in Vancouver, she could hardly imagine that a moustached guy balancing on a highline, commenting with an offer for a room viewing, would be her husband in the future. While she didn’t move in straight away, she did invite him to an open mic night at Cafe Deux Soleils, where she signed up to play. And that’s where it all began! In the following three years, we traveled the world, met each other’s families and friends, laughed, cried, sang, gardened, converted a van, got on each other’s nerves, moved, worked, played, and stuck together through thick and thin.

We are very excited to invite you to our wedding adventures in Europe, hosted in Austria and Serbia. After this, we will be moving to Australia to begin another chapter! We hope to see you in the celebration of this big transition in our lives. Much love to you all.

Michael :

Michael was born in Fiss and grew up with a curiosity for nature and hungry for adventure. When he was 14, he moved to the other side of Austria to pursue his snowboard dreams. After many years on the board around Europe, he found himself in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He decided to learn the language of nature and start working towards his biggest dream – creating a high quality farm retreat, in harmony with nature, with Sanja!

Sanja :

Sanja grew up in Kovin, Serbia and as a kid she was a full blown dancing, singing music nerd. At 15, she moved to Australia, mate! While studying and discovering Down Unda, she still continued to explore Asia and Europe, always making sure to get her hands on a musical instrument. In 2014, she was drawn to Canada, where she discovered the endless natural beauty of British Columbia and USA, love for social work and Michael!

Wilkommen in Österreich

A message from Michael:


Grias di and welcome my friend, to my beautiful home village, Fiss. Over the last thousands of years people have been enjoying this small mountain gem and sustained themselves with preserving milk in form of cheese (hence my addiction to this beautiful result of nature), and farming on the steep hill sides.

Overtaken by the Romans in the 16th-17th century, a historic Roman road was built over the plateau which Fiss sits upon. Even today you can still get inspired by the thousand year old stone houses throughout the village.

Over the past 50 years Fiss has become a hotspot known throughout the world for its mesmerizing landscapes, amazing food culture  and an immense assortment of outdoor activities.

If my mind wouldn’t always want to wander, I would have never left this place! I’m excited for you to experience it yourself and listen to your stories!

All the love, see you soon!

So, what’s happening in Austria?

Austria will be the start of this wonderful journey of love!

We will be meeting and hugging each other in Fiss. You are welcome to arrive between the 10th and 14th of September. The wedding ceremony and dinner will be held throughout the day and night of Saturday the 15th of September.

We are blessed that my beautiful mother Helene and my aunties and uncles are offering us apartment accommodation in their homes so you all can experience the vibe of the Neururer tribe. You will have a place to stay and will also be gifted a guest pass for our resort. This will give you the opportunity to ride the gondolas for free up the mountains and explore the area!

As an introduction to my homeland we have planned three 1-day adventures within these dates. More details about each day you can find in the next section “Bachelor/ette Adventures”.  Please indicate in the “Join our wedding/s – message box” if you are interested to join us to one, multiple or all of them.

On the wedding day (the 15th), we will together ride up with the gondola to the “Schönjoch”, the summit above Fiss. Starting with a ceremony overlooking the vast landscape and followed by a dinner and small party down at the “Hexenalm”, a rustic cabin in the village.

After these Austrian adventures, it will be time to start the journey to the big celebration in Kovin, Serbia – Sanja’s home.

Check out the map below for all points of interest in Fiss!

(Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the map for the whole list)

“How do I get to Fiss, Michael?!”

If you are choosing to drive to Fiss then there are a couple options for finding a good rental car.
Either you choose one of the offers at the airport or you can check out some good websites here and also here.
Once you have your car just use google maps or the map I provided above to get directions to some of the pinned places.
Use the Facebook group to ask questions and to let us know how we can help!

If you are traveling from overseas, first of all thank you so much for taking this time to celebrate with us! We are full of gratitude!
The closest airport for you will be Innsbruck and from there you can jump on the train to Landeck-Zams (approximately 45 min ) followed by a final bus up the mountain to Fiss (also around 45 min with all the stops) . I’ve attached you a bus schedule here. Since the flights to Innsbruck can sometimes be a bit more costly as it is a small airport your other great option is to fly into Munich Airport. From there you can take a train to Landeck-Zams, followed by a bus to Fiss.

If you’d like to carpool, get in touch in the Facebook group here!

“What do I do when I get there, Michael?!”

Bachelor/ette adventures

As you are traveling from far and wide to Europe to share this time with us, we decided to combine our bachelor/ette adventures. The dates for these are September 12th to September 14th. On the agenda we have the following trips:

  • We take a beautiful gondola ride up the mountain in Fiss. From there we start a hike in the mountains, and end at a lake in a valley where we will have a picnic and arrangements to celebrate. Once we’ve enjoyed ourselves and nature, we will top it off with a short hike to a wooden hut with delicious cheese, smoked meats, breads and drinks waiting for us. And finally after our bellies are full and voices strained, we will get a ride back to the village with the famous luxurious “Flotte Berta” mobile.

  • Another trip to keep building the stoke and adrenaline is a day at the glorious Area47, an amazing outdoor park only a 35 minute drive from Fiss. There we have all activities you can imagine covered. Now hang tight, the list is long. There is a lake which has giant slides, climbing walls coming out of the water, a big water jump for tubes, skies or snowboard, slack lines across the lake, wakeboarding, high ropes courses, natural river wave, rafting, canyoning, and quite a few more things haha! I’m sure everyone finds something they enjoy there. As a round up we can have a traditional dinner, and if we are lucky there is a potential for a concert or party at their arena.

  • And now coming to the last of our trips in that three day window is a day of full relaxation and appreciation for our body and soul. I’m sure many of you have heard from me about how amazing the saunas and spas are in Austria. Now we want to share the experience by spending a day in a sauna and pool paradise, covering ourselves with honey, yoghurt and other skin nurturing, natural products. A knight like sauna master will heat us up waving his flag for the perfect experience. For cool downs and other things you have choices of an ice cave, sulphur and salt water pools, chill out temples and much more! Please let us know in the RSVP section what date you aim to arrive so we can accommodate you and prepare enough for everyone.

As we move closer to the date, we’ll decide on which dates to go on each adventure. Let’s keep each other updated on the Facebook group! Join here

Welcome to Serbia!

A message from Sanja:

Ah, Serbia. My beloved homeland, the apple of my eye. A tiny but mighty South East European hotspot forever balancing between two cultural tectonic plates: the East and the West. The land of Serbian trumpet, Greek salad and Turkish coffee. Sounds confusing? It is! Welcome to Serbia!

Kovin, my little hometown of 13 000, sits in the northern province of Vojvodina. Vojvodina’s topography is pretty much the opposite of Tirol – it is 100% flat! Kovin sits about 50km east of Serbia’s capital, Belgrade.

Vojvodina is known for its long-stretching fields of sunflowers, music of the tamburasi, wine and a very laid back atmosphere. We often (politely) say that those Serbians across the Danube (cough, Belgrade, cough) are a bit too loud and fast for us… Whether that’s true, find out for yourself!

So, what’s happening in Serbia?

In Serbia, we are having a big party on Friday the 21st of September at Sonata Open Concept. This is a space which is a 10 min drive from the centre of Belgrade. You are invited to join us in my hometown Kovin before the party. There will be a shuttle from Kovin to Sonata and back on the day/night.

As you will most probably pass through Belgrade The Capital first, you may decide to spend some time there. We will too, if the schedule allows! So here are a few tips for that:

Belgrade is chaotic, historic, diverse, urban, and knows how to party. It’s definitely worth a visit. If we decide to spend time in Belgrade, it might be nice to book accommodation in the same place. A suggestion is Hostel Skadarlija Sunrise with the perfect location and great ratings. Find it on the map below! Click on the square icon in the top left corner of the map for the whole list. Some good sites on what to do in Belgrade are: Bellegrade and Still in Belgrade.

Here’s the public transit map should you need it. And let’s coordinate together on the Facebook page here!

After that it’s time for chillin’ out in Kovin in preparation for the party on the 21st. Have a look at the map with all the points of interest I marked for you. If you have time and you’d like to stay in Kovin after the 21st, please do, we’d love to have you! If you plan to be on your way out afterwards via plane or bus, it could be handy to book some accommodation in Belgrade for after the party so you don’t have to do too much back-and-forth. If this is what you’re doing, I recommend booking accommodation close to Trg Republike (Republic Square) – or perhaps at Sunrise Skadarlija again!

Check out the map below for all the locations (click on the icon in the upper left corner of the map for the whole list).

“How do I get to Kovin, Sanja?!”

There are lots of car rental agencies available, depending on where you are arriving, departing and what you plan to do in between. Check out a European consolidator agency such as here to get some good discounts.

If you are from abroad, some countries in Europe will require you to have an international driver’s permit together with your passport and original license. If you plan on driving, we recommend you get one.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group if you’d like to communicate carpooling and other ideas.

The closest airport to Kovin is Nikola Tesla in Belgrade (the capital). There are buses running from the airport to Belgrade’s main bus station (BAS), where you can catch another bus to Kovin. Have fun and… keep an open mind!

This one might be a fairly convenient one, especially if you’re plane-pooling directly in to Belgrade.

Here’s a list of rent-a-car agencies from Nikola Tesla Airport.

Don’t forget about that international driver’s permit!

Euro trip, anyone? Nothing like spending hours together in cars and vans to bond you for some good 2x wedding drinking! Facebook group we made for carpooling and info is here.

“What do I do when I get there, Sanja?!”

Dear friends and family,

We deeply appreciate that you are gifting us with your time and traveling from far and wide to be with us for this occasion, and this is more than enough to us! We are so excited to celebrate, share stories and create new memories together during this week. If, however, you are thinking about gifting us even more, a contribution to our Honeyfund would be a welcome option, as we are packing our bags and flying to the far land of Australia after the events! Thank you for visiting our site – we can’t wait to see you soon!

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